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  • MAXx2

    • MAXx The Performance, MAXx The Comfort!

      Versatile, well-cushioned and fast trail running shoe for all surfaces and distances. You may put in more miles because they are so comfortable! We recommend ordering a 1/2 size down.

      The MAXx2 features VJ's new SuperFOAMance midsole which offers extreme cushion and energy return with every step. This new foam is a modern, supercritical foam that is lighter, more responsive, more comfortable and more propulsive than a traditional EVA foam. Compared to other foams, SuperFOAMance is more durable, does not rip as easily, and bonds to the VJ grippy outsole much better.

      It also includes a full rock plate to protect your feet from sharp edges, protruding branches, and rocks.

      The upper is a light, breathable, durable one-piece that together with the foot-shaped last will give maximum comfort and performance!

      Just when you thought we couldn't make the MAXx better...behold MAXx2!
      1. SuperFOAMance Midsole For Maximum Comfort
      2. FitLock For Midsole Stability
      3. The Outsole Is 100% Butyl-Rubber
      4. Light, Breathable, Durable One-Piece Upper
      5. Full-Length Rock Plate
      1. 4 mm Lugs In The Outsole
      2. 31mm/25mm Stack Height - Total With Lugs
      3. 6 mm Heel Drop
      4. Weight: (US M 9): 8.46 oz (240 g)
      5. Runs True To Size
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Lu Telford
    Soooo this is love!!!

    I was a die hard fan of the original MAXx and must admit was a bit nervous about a new model…but WOW 🤩! MAXx2 is a huge upgrade!! This is my go to trail shoe now! My feet are so happy with every run!! It’s definitely the upgrade I didn’t know I needed but am so thankful for!!!

    Jason Vaughan
    Right direction

    Best shoe vj has put out imo. Grip is awesome as always the maxx2 is prob the widest shoe they offer right now. It’s been my new fav trail shoe. I had to size down from other vj shoes. Cushion is about the same as previous model but the upper makes this shoe much better. I have the spark maxx and ultra also to compare, I doubt they will get much use now.

    Pavle Jovanovic
    Major Downgrade from MAXx

    I've written in the past that the VJ MAXx original is the best technical trail shoe on the market. I still feel that way. I thought that they struck gold with the shoe. When I saw there was a new version, I was skeptical, but I wanted to see what updates had been made to my favorite shoe.
    Unboxing the shoe, my first thought was "How is this shoe even considered in the MAXx family?". The shoe is ugly. The shoe looks like the parts were designed by different people and then sewn together.
    Ok, so it's ugly. I'm going to cover these in mud anyways and all muddy shoes look the same. I ran my hands over the shoe and felt disappointed with the sturdiness of the upper when compared to the MAXx original. Again I thought, how is this in the same family as the original? I have doubts that the durability of this shoe's upper will last like the unbreakable originals which can easily make 400 miles. The upper feels like a thin sheet of paper in comparison.
    Well, let's at least take these puppies for a run. As soon as I put the shoes on I had noticed the most fatal change that makes these shoes unwearable. The Fitlock had moved about 1/2 an inch towards the ankle from where it is on every other VJ shoe. Maybe I'm one of the rare people that have a bone coming out by the arch of your foot, but the new Fitlock location sits right on the bone and it is extremely uncomfortable. I'm not masochistic enough to attempt a run in these shoes as I felt pressure and pain just while lacing up.
    To give some positive feedback, I do think sewing the tongue to the upper is a great idea. The original VJ MAXx's tongue twists slightly during runs and I think the additional security would result in a more comfortable run.

    TLDR; Very disappointed in the direction of this shoe. If this was released as a new shoe and not part of the MAXx line, I might have been less disappointed.

    Peter Burnham

    Very comfortable and light weight, The best pair For long run buy far. Wearing this weekend at Obstacle wonderland 6 hr multi lap

    Lane Jackson
    Light, cushion, well made and hella sticky!

    Great shoes. Def some of the grippiest I’ve ever worn and cloudy comfort