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  • Sustainability

    Our roots are buried deep within the wild forests of Finland. Through Orienteering we explored this wilderness and have seen a small glimpse of just how amazing the natural world is. Running in the forest we developed a bond with nature that has been with us from the beginning and one that we still maintain today. Without nature, VJ wouldn’t exist and it’s this thought that drives everything we do for the future.

    Although nature is immense, it is becoming more and more apparent that it is also fragile. At VJ, we want to continue to create world-class products to enable people to enjoy the natural world. But we are more than aware that producing shoes, like any other product, is a contributor to the heavy burden on the Earth. As a company, we have a responsibility to limit this burden wherever possible and are doing so through a wide variety of initiatives.

    Through endless design and research, we are continually looking for ways to reduce the use of raw materials and resources within our shoes and packaging whilst maintaining the highest level of quality and performance.

    A low emission approach is always favoured for everything from manufacturing processes to logistical solutions. The ‘Bluesign approved‘ seal guarantees that only sustainably developed production methods have been used and it is a badge of honour you will see on more and more of our shoes.

    Recycling is a major tool and one we try to use as often as we can. We also look to fix and repair broken shoes if possible. Being environmentally friendly is a team effort and through the education of our customers about recycling processes and how to care for their shoes, we hope to limit the impact running with ’the best grip on the planet’ has.

    Our responsibility goes further than for the environment. It’s our responsibility that the employees producing our shoes have a safe working environment and a sufficient salary. Therefore, our shoes are only produced in reputable factories which we have inspected and approved.

    As a company, we are grateful for the opportunities and the operational environment provided for us by the Finnish society. We strive to be socially responsible by sponsoring sports and outdoor events, by communicating our values what it comes to sports and nature as well as by paying all our taxes in Finland.


    From the VJ Finland website