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VJ Ultra is for those seeking more cushioning and a wider toe box
Lightweight and responsive cushioning for the long run
Aggressive lugs with the legendary VJ grip
New upper is more durable and more breathable
VJ MAXx is a versatile all distance performance shoe
Famous VJ Grip with a smoother ride for all surfaces
Comfortable responsive cushioning for all terrain and distances
Breathable and durable custom blend upper
VJ XTRM is made for grip, stability, and durability
All around performer for short, medium and longer distances
Made for Obstacle Course Racing, Trail Running, Sky Running and anything you can throw at it
Super tough custom upper with kevlar, good cushioning and rock plate protect you on all tough terrain
VJ iRock 3 is made for technical trails and obstacle course racing
Our most aggressive traction gives you the best grip in the worst conditions
Lower profile provides exceptional feel for the terrain
Superb choice for those who like a more snug fit for ultimate control and feel


VJ - North America
We love running in Obstacle Course Races and trail running in the Pacific NW - and wanted the best shoes for the sport. We spent way too much money and effort researching shoes, only to be disappointed with the grip, the fit, or the durability of the shoes we bought. We knew there had to be a better shoe. A shoe designed by people who knew what we wanted... We found them in VJ. Designed, engineered, and proven to be the best in the world. The only problem was that those shoes were not available in North America. We decided to change that - and in January of 2019 we launched. Here we are.
VJ - Finland
VJ shoes were born in the dense forests of central Finland almost 40 years ago from a need for a better shoe for the rough and slippery terrain. Making shoes for Orienteering and other extreme athletes, VJ shoes proved themselves with exceptional durability, superior grip, and high quality. Today, VJ shoes continue those standards with cutting-edge technology, the latest materials and uncompromising values to produce shoes with the best grip on the planet. VJ shoes have helped athletes in various all-terrain sports including trail running, Obstacle Course Racing, and sky running achieve their dreams and win world championships. With VJ, it's all about pure performance and well-designed products that will stand the test of time. That's why the worlds best athletes and adventurers choose VJ shoes.


Ryan Atkins

OCR / Endurance Athlete

The XTRM is my all-time favorite shoe. I've used this shoe to win Trail Running races, Spartan races and set FKTs. It's grip, light weight and groundfeel is unmatched. 

When you are shredding a technical downhill, your foot won't move around at all. If you like a bit bigger toe box, either size up, or look at the MAXx.

I've run in every brand of shoe and this one out performs them in nearly every scenario.

Lindsay Webster

OCR Athlete

Once people own a pair of VJ's they legitimately never go back.

They have a snug fit and great ground feel, and are hearty enough to sustain technical rocky terrain. Their longevity is incredible and the grip is unparalleled!

Nicole Mericle

OCR / Rock Climber

VJ shoes opened my eyes to the importance of grip. I thought sliding around on wet terrain and obstacles was normal.

Now I wouldn't dream of running in the mountains in anything else. The grip is that secure and in races every little thing adds up. 

Ryan Phebus

Mountain and Trail runner

I feel like these shoes were built for the mountains as they handle technical terrain exceptionally well. That being said, I even use these shoes for workouts on non-techy dirt roads/trails. I love the ability this shoe has to handle anything I throw at it. Incredibly durable, lightweight, protective, and stable, these shoes will go the distance in any terrain!

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