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    Danny Kane
    Great Trail Running Shoe for Northern Climates

    The VJ MAXx2 has been an absolute blast to run in. I have used these to train on slick southeastern Norwegian trails (these have the best grip on slick rock) and I am really happy with their race performance on Bessegen (Norway) and Mount Marathon (Alaska) with the shoes holding up well in dry and wet conditions... and the grip, phenomenal! My only complaint is that the removable insole blew out after the first rate (flat as a sheet of paper in the heel and forefoot). I replaced with 3rd party insoles and the shoes are back in business.

    XTRM 2
    David Cancellieri

    XTRM 2

    Crockett Peterson
    Great Rubber Great Foam, Questionable Durability

    I'vev used these for about 25 miles: about 10 miles off trail on talus, and the rest on grave road/ single track. The rubber seems fine but I have a huge fissure/crack in the midsole foam that I can see underneath the outsole rubber on the heel of the shoe. Looks like a molding issue. Unsure if I have bad pair or what?!

    XTRM 2
    Jade O'Bannan
    Saved Me

    These shoes were an excellent choice for the Spartan Ultra. They stayed on my feet while trudging through the mud (Yes, this was a real problem), and the grip remained reliable no matter the water or grit.

    Fast and grippy

    These shoes deliver everything promised. Proper fit and foot shape compatibility essential.

    Scott Lusk
    Light weight

    Light weight is good, but I wanted a little more ankle support, I’m used to wearing big heavy Whites Smokejumper boots.

    Scott Neth
    Best Trail Shoe For Me

    I was hesitant to try another pair of VJ Shoes after being quite disappointed by the XTRM model, which felt very dead, and had no better traction than other brands. However, I spoke with someone who owned a pair of the Maxx 2s, someone I trust, and they spoke very highly of them. From the moment they slipped onto my feet, I was hooked! The fit was excellent (order 1/2 size smaller, perhaps even 1 full size if you always wear very thin socks; 1/2 size worked great for me), securing snuggly yet comfortably around my entire foot. As soon as my feet began to hit the ground, I could feel a noticeable return in energy with each foot strike, and I felt encouraged to push the pace quicker and quicker, with each step feeling like it came more and more easily. Traction was excellent, with the only slippage coming on smooth, off-camber river rocks, which I'm not sure anyone can do much about, and at the end of the run, my legs felt noticeably more fresh than they had in a long time post-run. This shoe not only encourages quicker running, but also staying out there for longer. I'm not sure it would be great for slogging slow, recovery miles, just because it's so much fun to run fast in- the shoes just make running quickly feel good! I use them for all my quality speed training, especially when the terrain gets more and more technical- you don't feel 100% impervious to rocks with these shoes, but you do feel like you can run over an awful lot at a high pace. They even run well should you have to run some pavement to link between trails! This shoe is a huge leap forward from the VJs of old, and they work great under virtually any circumstance, which is why I've been steadfastly encouraging all my running friends to get a pair for themselves. Well done VJ, the Maxx 2 is a 9.5/10 shoe in my book.

    Candace Simpson
    Absolutely Love!

    The newest versions of VJ shoes are the best yet! The Lightspeed’s are super light, as advertised. They fit the foot so much better, as in are much wider than other versions of VJ’s. This version feels like it propels me forward while wearing them and as always they have #thebestgripontheplanet ! I will definitely be buying more.

    Hector Rodriguez
    Awesome shoes!

    Amazing grip and support for miles!! get a half size smaller than your regular trail shoes.
    cannot love em enough

    Tat Wong
    My socks are dyed to red

    Lightspeed is the best trail running in VJ products lineup, but the insole make my socks into red.

    Not as much ankle support as I hoped.

    Not as much ankle support as I hoped. I’m used to wearing White’s Smoke Jumper, but I do like the flat sole.

    Jenny Overstreet
    Loving the new foam!

    Same great grip as version 1 but much more comfortable. I feel like I can actually do ultras in them!

    Robert Kane
    VJ MAXx2 - Definitely Recommend

    I'm a big fan of these shoes. First pair of VJs and I'm not disappointed. I usually wear US size 10, I took the website's recommendation of going a half size down ( I also have slightly wide feet), and these still fit perfectly.

    Job Campbell

    (+) Grip fine (eg equivalent to vibram litebase). Nice bounce in foam. Lightweight. ( - ) Gusseted tongue bunches up and puts pressure on top of foot (ended up cutting out the fabric). Minimal breathability so shoe gets waterlogged in hot/humid weather or rain. Overall: Kjerag the better shoe in this price range.

    Mathew Mullens
    Sizes are off

    I get the exact same size in these shoes that I got last time and they are different sizes. Plus when I sent back and got the size up, they are still smaller than the first time I got them. But they work and I do enjoy the grip of them on walls and such. Don’t do great in sloppy mud but that’s to be expected. Would want to go with bigger lugs for muddier corses but these are great for dry courses or just not sloppy or hilly. Would recommend but only if you can try on at store. Ordering online is a crap shoot on if you’ll get some that fit.

    Heather Bode
    All of the comfort and all of the grip!

    I typically run in the Maxx's for longer distances, Xtrms for shorter, so I thought I'd try something new with the Lightspeeds. I absolutely love them! They're very light and incredibly springy, so comfortable that I was almost concerned the same grip wouldn't be there, but sure enough I was able to bomb downhill confidently with plenty of that wonderful VJ grip.
    I'm not used to so much comfort with all of the performance in a trail shoe, it's great!

    Bethany Adams

    The VJ Lightspeed are a great running shoe. They are also a fit for road running. Nice cushioning.

    Pavle Jovanovic
    Not my choice for race day. Impractical for training.

    - LOOKS: Personally, I think the shoe looks beautiful. It's very sleek and stylish. The color palette works really well together. Paired with some black socks, people are going to let you straight up to the front of the starting line looking like a badass. Even the VJ logo on the heel looks great.
    - SPEED: The shoe is lightweight and you can't help but feel fast in these shoes.
    - CUSHION: The PerFORMance is a nice touch and makes every step reminiscent of running in soft clay.
    - ROCK PLATE: Can't leave home without it.

    - STIFF AND HIGH ANKLE UPPERS: I've ran 25 miles in these shoes, and I've wanted to love them. However, for the entire duration of my runs, I am feeling the the high and stiff upper material cutting into my ankles on the outside of both of my feet. I'm not kidding. Both of my ankles have the skin rubbed off of them through the sock from these shoes. I cannot believe I paid $200 for a pair of shoes that don't feel like they went through quality control. I looked online and there are public reviews off the VJ website that are complaining of the same thing, so I don't feel alone on this issue. I am not wearing these shoes for another mile. They do not work for me. I can't imagine having to cringe while running in these during a race.
    - WHITE TRAIL RUNNING SHOES: Dear VJ Shoes, who are you making these shoes for? VJ Shoes became popular in American OCR racing around the time when Jon Albon wore the XTRM shoes during his million dollar race event with Spartan. The XTRM shoe was made with Jon Albon and released for fell, OCR, and trail running. Years later, the MAXx became popular, another shoe built for the rough conditions of OCR Racing. You could throw any terrain and weather at these shoes and you would be ok. Enter, VJ Lightspeed, a light material, all white shoe released by the company previously known for durable and tough shoes. This shoe seems out of left field for a rugged audience you have cultivated for decades. It's supposed to be a Race Day shoe, but I don't know what race I would bring these to. The white shoes get dirty so quickly. I am self conscious about bringing a $200 white trail running shoe out to any terrain just to come back with what look like dirty white socks. I couldn't imagine wearing these during a Spartan Race. That would be like killing a Unicorn with a bomb.

    Pavle - I'm sorry the shoes do not work with your ankles. Not all shoes work with all feet and ankle set up, unfortunately. If you think you have defective pair, please reach out to customer support.

    Regarding the color, I'm not sure what to say -you knew they were white when you bought them! White shoes are a trendy thing right now and seen in all styles of shoes, including trail running shoes. I view the white as a feature - I've always said that VJ shoes look better when they are dirty and now I don't have to work as hard to get them that way! and, as you say in your Pros section - 'they look... sleek and stylish...'!!

    Lori Alley
    VJ Maxx on granite

    Okay VJ, you answered my prayers. I run almost exclusively on granite slopes and gravel roads (carriage trails). I LOVED and needed the grip of your past shoes but always wanted more cushion like a regular running shoe. The VJ Maxx 2 has it all, it grips better than any other shoe I've tried, even on wet granite. But I can run all day now because they're so well cushioned, and I can switch to carriage road running when the route calls for it. Don't change a thing!!!!!!

    Thomas Hutchison
    Another great shoe from VJ!

    Fellow runners! I’m not really like you. I’m older, retired and more of a strength athlete. I’ve purchased VJ based on my perception that their foam soles out-perform other shoes. In my opinion, other shoes like Altra use low quality cushy foam and my big toes over flex into the foam. Hoka just used a lot of foam. But VJ is cushioned but not too flexible. Toe box is excellent. Heal trap is so much better than lower quality shoes-no twisted ankles. Lightspeed is my favorite-you simply need to try them. An incredible shoe from an industry leader for super technical runners and guys like me who appreciate quality. Now, put a road tread on them and double your market share

    Really is the best grip

    For technical running over wet rocks and roots, there really isn't a better outsole available.

    Ulises Ramos
    Excellent Shoes for OCR.

    I bought the shoes for a Spartan Race and the shoes met and exceeded my expectations. The build quality and materials are fantastic for the rough and high stress that is put on them when running, jumping, swimming, climbing and all the other activities that happen during an Obstacle course race. i am very pleased with these shoes, i know they should last me for many races more if i follow the simple and care and cleaning instructions. Great Pair of shoes to have if you are serious about OCR and other all terrain races.

    Candace Simpson
    Best VJ Shoes Yet!

    I have worn almost every shoe that VJ has come out with and have to say that the MAXx 2’s are by far the best shoes from them so far! Don’t get me wrong, I loved all of the other shoes as well, but these are so comfortable and have the perfect toe box size. I would feel comfortable wearing these for anything from a 5k all the way up to an ultra!

    nate yoder
    Great shoe

    Light weight, comfortable shoe, good response on the trails, grip seem to do good so far.


    Vj always surprised me
    I think Lightspeed is the best pair trail shoes I have
    True to size
    Awesome design
    Thank you Vj