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    These things are LEGIT. Went on a 5k #40 and these bad boys were comfy, secure, stable and the traction was superb. Sold my Macv-1 and Macv-2s. Hope they come out with a Coyote color in the future. Don’t debate BUY NOW

    High-performance shoe

    The VJ Lightspeeds are comfortable and help me feel fast and confidence

    Ace - Men's
    Comment not a review

    Would love to see the same last, midsole and sole combined with a great breathable hot weather upper also. Thanks!

    Ultra 2
    Carolyn Wallace
    Great shoe

    Very good trail shoe. Awesome grip and overall comfortable. Looks good too!
    Two things I don't care for, they only last about 250 miles before getting holes in the sides and the tongue of the shoe is stiff and really irritating to the front foot tendon.

    Ace - Men's
    Jeremy Ditto
    Great shoe for Montana Winter

    Really grooving on these shoes! Fits me great. It has been a mild winter here but when we get mixed snow and ice these are the best. I am surprised how well they run on bare pavement as well. Loud for sure but I barely feel the studs.

    Ultra 2
    Pavle Jovanovic
    Not a Comfortable Long-distance Ride

    First off, I want to say that the VJ Maxx shoe is the best technical trail shoe on the market. When analyzing the Ultra 2 shoe, I find they fall flat in comparison on all dimensions.

    The Good
    - Color and design of the shoe is amazing. I think it's a beautiful shoe with unique look.
    - The grip seems very similar to the Maxx and has never let me down.

    The Bad
    - My feet hurt after long-distance runs. Never happens with the Maxx. I don't know what is different about the sole of the shoe but it does not feel like it is supporting me during runs. The shoe does not live up to its name for me.
    - The design of the laces is design-first instead of utility-first. The upper that connects to the shoe is zig-zagged and makes it hard to actually tighten your shoes to the desired comfort. I feel like this is the main reason I can't give the shoe more stars.

    Ultra 2
    CodyisaPOS Jakeistoo
    Durable and hard-soled

    The title pretty much says it. I loved the design and grip and durable upper. The soles are hard as concrete, however I am coming from speedgoats. They made my toes numb the first 5 runs, I may get some insoles, but laces and grip and looks are great.

    Ace - Men's
    Omar Romero
    Confidence booster!

    These shoes are a game changer in my confidence running down mountains with black ice. Love these!

    Roger Brady
    Best out there

    I was a Merrell guy till 2019, but this is my 3rd pair of VJs and no other shoes I've tried matches them. The traction is amazing during Spartan and Tough Mudder event or a trail running training in all weather condition. Awesome fit as well.

    Ace - Women's
    Lindsay Webster
    Maybe my new favorite in the VJ lineup

    These are so comfortable! I love how warm they are for winter running. My husband and I both got a pair, and agreed the toe box fits well (wider than some of their other shoes, very comfee, which is great when wearing thicker winter socks). We both found the shoes a bit short in the toes... if I went up a half size, I think the toe box would feel too big and my foot would be moving around, so I went with my regular size and I think that's accurate. I did find they packed out after a few weeks of running in them and then were very comfortable, but just expect them to feel a little tight in the toes for your first few runs. Love the stability in these and cushion, I could run for hours in them.


    I found the show to perform well, traction is awesome as many reviews have pointed out. However, a short non-padded tongue is a major drawback and keeps this show from getting 5 stars. I will reconsider buying additional shoes of this brand when I hear this has been addressed.

    Work as should

    I’ve tried the shoes several times now. They work good hiking when there is snow, but if there is just ice they slip more then I thought they would. The laces are a bit too long.

    D Strabel
    Best grip for treadmill climbing

    I climb on the treadmill in the winter. I have gone through many shoes. The Sparks are by far the best grip. I can easily do a tempo 35-40% climb without slipping.

    Ace - Men's
    Matthew Selinger
    Incredible Ice and Snow Shoe!

    I've been running in the snow and ice for years, and this show takes it to the next level. The steel studs give grip like no other and provide more confidence than ever. The waterproofing bs perfect for those slushy puddles and the shoe has just enough cushioning. I highly recommend to anyone!

    Ace - Men's
    Thomas Hutchison

    Great fit. Waterproof. Cleated.
    A great winter shoe. Be great to have another option for waterproof shoes without cleats.
    I’ve purchased 10 pairs of shoes from VJ. Every shoe a top performer but this shoe is over the top expectation.

    Ultra 2
    Paul Lemaire
    Awesome grip, disappointing cushion

    First off, the grip on these shoes live up to the hype. When Portland got hit with snow/ice Ultra 2 held their own.

    These shoes are awesome for confidence on technical descents.

    But these shoes are FIRM. Usually I don’t mind firm but after all my runs my feet feel pretty beat up. All my runs were on pretty hard packed terrain so maybe Ultra need softer terrain. But even with the firmness, I didn’t feel as though the shoes were especially responsive.

    I’ve been fighting some Achilles tendinitis (which the ultra might have aggravated) so hopefully I can give them another chance when I’m healed up. But would maybe recommend going to the xtrm (and settling for shorter distances) or the Maxx rather than the Ultra which isn’t quite the “Goldilocks “ I was hoping for.

    Side note: VJ team is great; super helpful exchanging to size up. Just wish I could have exchanged for max after testing.

    Pavle Jovanovic
    Best Technical Trail Shoes on The Market

    I trail run in the Colorado mountains every day. I've gone through many trail shoes like Hoka, Brooks, Altra, you name it. I've tried so many shoes and these come out ahead by a country mile. This is the only trail shoe on the market I think truly deserves a 5/5. And that's why I've bought this shoe over 10 times in the last 2 years.
    First, the look is great. I'm a big fan of the green and black. Next, the grip is as you would expect. And finally, the rock plate is a necessity to run on technical trails. I will not run in a shoe without a rock plate any longer as I've gotten rock bruises so often. With the Maxx, never.
    The toebox is much roomier when compared to the VJ Ice Hero, but not as roomy as you might expect from Altra. The Maxx is also WAY more comfortable than the VJ Ultra 2. I honestly consider the VJ Ultra 2 multiple steps down from the Maxx.
    I hope they honestly never stop making the Maxx because they have struck gold here.

    Love this shoe!

    So much grip on everything! Super comfortable, nice and wide for my toes and winter socks. The Waterproof upper was better than I thought, and my feet didn’t feel like they were too hot or sweaty at all. The midsole was super responsive and comfortable - they felt like a pure running shoe, never mind the winter or traction grip part!

    Best of all was the all around comfort - they were so comfortable to run in. 6 miles right out of the box!

    Ace - Women's
    Sarah Barber
    Investment In My Winter Happiness

    I normally dislike winter, mostly because of the snow and ice, but the VJ Shoes Ace have completely changed my perspective. Unlike strap-on traction devices, having built-in cleats allows me to maintain my normal/natural running stride and footstrike. It's so simple to just lace up and go in! Plus the shape of the cleats makes the traction even better--they're star shaped like a Torx wrench. I've run in fresh powder. I've run on packed snow. I've run on a skiff of snow sitting atop a mixed ice-and-packed-snow floor. I've been on trails and on pavement. AND I HAVE NOT SLIPPED! I've never been this happy running outdoors in snowy conditions, and I'm so grateful for this rad shoe. It fits true-to-size, has a nicely roomy toe box, and has firm support through the sole. I recommend this shoe for running on snow and ice with no reservations. Outstanding work, VJ!

    Scott Lusk
    Need to make a size 14.

    Size 13 is too small, need to make a size 14


    I can’t believe how comfortable these are! They just might be my favorite running shoes of all time. You just can't beat the VJ Grip, now available year round. VJ delivered on this new shoe!

    Ace - Men's
    Roger Cordes
    Where's the snow

    Limited snow in North Idaho for Christmas. Ran trails with frozen ground and ice in shade. After a couple steps didn't hesitate to plant a step.. Impressed.

    Ice Hero - Women's
    Jael morgan

    I am returning them because they are too small and too narrow.

    Timothy Collier
    Too much arch

    Nice shoe but the arches are too much for me. I wish the reviews had mentioned this prior to me purchasing. Like the tread tho.

    Mudgear VJ Themed Socks
    Sergei Kniazhentcev
    Excelent and versatile product

    I didn't had a chance to run in them during warm or hot weather yet, but I made a few winter runs in them, with outside temperature ranging from -5 Celcius to -20 Celsius. They were very comfortable and warm. And of course they look great.