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    • Probably the FASTEST trail shoe in the world!

      Lightspeed is an ultralight racing shoe, designed together with Elite Trail Runner, Juuso Simpanen to create the fastest shoe on the planet. We recommend ordering your actual shoe size (not your normal VJ half size up!)

      The Lightspeed features VJ's new SuperFOAMance midsole which offers extreme cushion and energy return with every step. This new foam is a modern, supercritical foam that is lighter, more responsive, more comfortable and more propulsive than a traditional EVA foam. Compared to other foams, SuperFOAMance is more durable, does not rip as easily, and bonds to the VJ grippy outsole much better.

      The Lightspeed propulsion plate helps increase the rebound, adding to your running economy. This can help you run faster, or longer, or both! The plate is a special polymer made of renewable castor oil in a Y shape to provide stiffness and rebound and also increase the lateral stability.

      The upper is a light, breathable, durable one-piece that together with the foot-shaped last will give maximum comfort and performance!

      The Lightspeed is designed to be used without a sock liner insert - it comes ready to rock and roll at its lightest weight possible for maximum speed.  Don't worry, if you need or want the insert, we put them in the box.  It's your choice! 

      Get ready to sprint on the trails with ease and comfort!
      1. SuperFOAMance Midsole For Maximum Comfort
      2. FitLock For Midsole Stability
      3. The Outsole Is 100% Butyl-Rubber
      4. Light, Breathable, Durable One-Piece Upper
      5. Full-Length Rock Plate
      1. 3.5 mm Lugs In The Outsole
      2. 23mm/29mm Stack Height - Total With Lugs
      3. 6 mm Heel Drop
      4. Weight: (US M 9): 7.76 oz (220 g)
      5. Runs True To Size
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      If you have questions, please email us at info@vjshoesusa.com

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Candace Simpson
    Absolutely Love!

    The newest versions of VJ shoes are the best yet! The Lightspeed’s are super light, as advertised. They fit the foot so much better, as in are much wider than other versions of VJ’s. This version feels like it propels me forward while wearing them and as always they have #thebestgripontheplanet ! I will definitely be buying more.

    Tat Wong
    My socks are dyed to red

    Lightspeed is the best trail running in VJ products lineup, but the insole make my socks into red.

    Heather Bode
    All of the comfort and all of the grip!

    I typically run in the Maxx's for longer distances, Xtrms for shorter, so I thought I'd try something new with the Lightspeeds. I absolutely love them! They're very light and incredibly springy, so comfortable that I was almost concerned the same grip wouldn't be there, but sure enough I was able to bomb downhill confidently with plenty of that wonderful VJ grip.
    I'm not used to so much comfort with all of the performance in a trail shoe, it's great!

    Bethany Adams

    The VJ Lightspeed are a great running shoe. They are also a fit for road running. Nice cushioning.

    Pavle Jovanovic
    Not my choice for race day. Impractical for training.

    - LOOKS: Personally, I think the shoe looks beautiful. It's very sleek and stylish. The color palette works really well together. Paired with some black socks, people are going to let you straight up to the front of the starting line looking like a badass. Even the VJ logo on the heel looks great.
    - SPEED: The shoe is lightweight and you can't help but feel fast in these shoes.
    - CUSHION: The PerFORMance is a nice touch and makes every step reminiscent of running in soft clay.
    - ROCK PLATE: Can't leave home without it.

    - STIFF AND HIGH ANKLE UPPERS: I've ran 25 miles in these shoes, and I've wanted to love them. However, for the entire duration of my runs, I am feeling the the high and stiff upper material cutting into my ankles on the outside of both of my feet. I'm not kidding. Both of my ankles have the skin rubbed off of them through the sock from these shoes. I cannot believe I paid $200 for a pair of shoes that don't feel like they went through quality control. I looked online and there are public reviews off the VJ website that are complaining of the same thing, so I don't feel alone on this issue. I am not wearing these shoes for another mile. They do not work for me. I can't imagine having to cringe while running in these during a race.
    - WHITE TRAIL RUNNING SHOES: Dear VJ Shoes, who are you making these shoes for? VJ Shoes became popular in American OCR racing around the time when Jon Albon wore the XTRM shoes during his million dollar race event with Spartan. The XTRM shoe was made with Jon Albon and released for fell, OCR, and trail running. Years later, the MAXx became popular, another shoe built for the rough conditions of OCR Racing. You could throw any terrain and weather at these shoes and you would be ok. Enter, VJ Lightspeed, a light material, all white shoe released by the company previously known for durable and tough shoes. This shoe seems out of left field for a rugged audience you have cultivated for decades. It's supposed to be a Race Day shoe, but I don't know what race I would bring these to. The white shoes get dirty so quickly. I am self conscious about bringing a $200 white trail running shoe out to any terrain just to come back with what look like dirty white socks. I couldn't imagine wearing these during a Spartan Race. That would be like killing a Unicorn with a bomb.

    Pavle - I'm sorry the shoes do not work with your ankles. Not all shoes work with all feet and ankle set up, unfortunately. If you think you have defective pair, please reach out to customer support.

    Regarding the color, I'm not sure what to say -you knew they were white when you bought them! White shoes are a trendy thing right now and seen in all styles of shoes, including trail running shoes. I view the white as a feature - I've always said that VJ shoes look better when they are dirty and now I don't have to work as hard to get them that way! and, as you say in your Pros section - 'they look... sleek and stylish...'!!