April 10, 2020 1 min read

Mik in winter


Today's info comes to us from Mik Gerylo from Canada.  In addition to being one of the best Canadian OCR racers, Mik is also from one of the coldest and flattest locations in Canada: Winnipeg, Manitoba. Mik can be found on Instagram @Mik_fitt


And now, over to Mik:


Workout: Repeats with a Kick! 

Today's workout can be distance or time based.  Choose any distance over 1/2 mile or any time over 1 min for your run repetitions.

For the final 200M or 30 seconds of the Rep, you stop and rest/light jog for 30 seconds. Try your best to catch your breath.

Then finish the rep as hard as you can - "The Kick"

Rest after each rep at least 2 mins. 

Repeat 4-6 times

Example:  1km Kick Repeats

800m : (or projected time you'd run a half mile at faster than 5km pace) 
200m: (or 30 seconds all out)

Full Workout:

Warmup: 15-20 mins + Dynamics/Strides 

800m / 30 seconds rest / 200m (Kick) / recover 2min

Repeat 5X 

Recover !


Mik's accomplishments:

2019 - 2nd at Montana Beast Mountain Series 
2016/17/18 - Canadian Spartan Points series Champion
2016/17/18- Top Ten Spartan Ranking Worldwide 
2018- Gold at OCR World Championships: Pro Team event
2018- 5th at Spartan North American Championships
2017- 5th at OCR World Championships 2017 Mens Pro Standard 15km
2015 -28 Elite Race Podiums Since 2015