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Go long in the most cushioned, widest toe box shoe ever from VJ.  Everything you would expect: Grip, Fit, Durable. Less of something you might not expect: weight.  Go long, go short, go trail, go mud.  Just go Ultra. 




The VJ Ultra is a comfortable, long-range trail racing shoe.  A special blend of an EVA midsole and legendary VJ Grip featuring butyl rubber, the Ultra will carry you in style. The all-new, durable and breathable mesh upper is a mix of *DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers and nylon. The wider toe box gives your foot plenty of room for the long haul.  And, aggressive, angled lugs ensure maximum grip  The design of the shoe supports an easy push-off.  

Ultra trail runners like Cindy Lynch love their VJ Ultras:  
My New Favorite Trail Shoe! The perfect combination of cushion & grip in a super light-weight shoe. 


  • Runs true to size with more width in the toe box
  • Full-length custom EVA blend midsole 
  • FitLock for midsole stability 
  • The outsole is 100% Butyl-rubber
  • Strengthened rubber toe-cap
  • 4 mm aggressive lugs in the outsole
  • 33 mm/27 mm stack height - total with lugs
  • 6 mm drop
  • Weight (US 8.5): 9.3 oz (265g) - yes, that is light! 


*Kevlar® is a trademark of affiliates of DuPont™ de Nemours, Inc. used under license by VJ.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Thomas Marino
great grip

I wanted to luv this shoe. I have been a wide toe box Altra user for a few years. Compared to Altra, these are not wide. they run a little under size. I always wear an 11 in every shoe I own. these are a bit tight but ok. The toe box is not wide. I LOVE the grip on steep trails. I'll continue to use them where they may be useful but they will not be my go to shoe.

Destroyed my toes on steep downhills

Love my VJ Maxx so thought the Ultras would be even better for upcoming ultra trail runs. Wore them on a number of shorter, less steep trail runs and seemed good (although did notice my big toes banging against the upper part of the shoe on downhills). Wore them for 100km trail run in Switzerland (lots of steep down hills) and my toes were in agony by 30km. Had to walk (and shuffle backwards downhill) for most of the next 15km to the bag check where I changed into my old VJ Maxx. Really disappointed as had high hopes for these shoes!

Mike McRunna
I’m not sure about this….

I bought these shoes and had a too short of a break in period before I took them on a 5 hour technical and soaking wet trail run. Initially, I was worried that I didn’t have enough time to get used to these new shoes but my old shoes were too dead to wear. To my surprise, the Ultras were awesome. Great grip in the sloppy conditions, light weight and lots of protection from underneath, even without a rock plate. I’m very pleased. The only negative feedback I have is that the tongue would slide to one side and needed to be adjusted once or twice during the run.

They have a snug fit for me and feel light and responsive but also offer good protection.

Brian S
Great shoe

Amazing grip. Able to bomb down technical, wet, rocky trails without slippage (white mtns NH) Very comfortable under foot. Only downside is the upper which while super protective can be a abrasive sometimes and found it doesn’t breathe as well. Although this is coming from someone who gets very sweaty feet and tends to get that ‘sloshy’ and ‘squishy’ wet feeling in many shoes on hot, humid days. So not sure how much is the shoes fault. Would be nice if the upper was a little less built up and more breathable. Overall very pleased with it.

Donald E Wilson Jr
Amazing shoes!

The ultras appear bulky but are super light on your foot. I would wear them at any distance. The lugs are low profile but offer excellent grip.