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VJ Spark is a lightweight, fast attack shoe.  With a combination of an EVA midsole and legendary VJ grip featuring butyl rubber, the Spark will help you fly like never before.  The all-new, breathable mesh nylon upper is designed for comfort and breathability.  The semi-gusseted tongue and FitLock secure the shoe to your foot.  This shoe has a snug fit and some athletes choose to go up 1/2 size for a bit more room. 

Use the Spark for short, fast work - either on training days, or for racing.  You will feel a solid connection to the terrain you are on, bringing confidence in your step and speed to your stride.  Or, use the Spark for longer, hillier runs where grip and the lower weight will give you an advantage. 


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  • Comfortable racing fit secures your foot for fast turnover
  • Breathable nylon mesh upper
  • Partially gusseted tongue 
  • Full-length custom EVA blend midsole 
  • FitLock for midsole stability 
  • The outsole is 100% Butyl-rubber
  • Strengthened rubber toe-cap
  • 5 mm aggressive lugs in the outsole
  • 27 mm / 22 mm stack height - total with lugs
  • 5 mm drop
  • Weight (US M9.5): 8.95oz (254g) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Paul Greenidge
Spartan running shoes

Excellent shoes soupier gripping for down hill running but you must start making you shoes in wide I hate I had to get a size to big for me 13 wide is perfect and hard down you will have the best shoes on the planet

Bethany Palma
Great shoes!

I’m a solid Age Group OCR racer. I picked these up at a Savage race after realizing I’d left my running shoes in my car an hr away. They were great right out of the box! The Sparks are super light weight, good room in the toe box, and have fantastic grip. They feel like part of your body, not clunky rubber strapped to your feet. Like a firm sock with protection and grip on the bottom. Very very cool shoes! I have two pairs of Solomon Speedcross 4, I love the grip, cushion, and spring but felt I was always on the verge of rolling my ankle because I can’t connect with the ground. The Sparks make to feel very grounded. The only things I found that take some getting used to are: 1. At first the tongue felt too tight and like it was digging into the front part of my ankle, to solve that issues I switched the laces to the other holes and loosened them. You can still keep the rest of your laces tight even with the loosening of the top hole. 2. Being a lower drop shoes, they don’t automatically encourage forward momentum, you have to work for it more. 3. Occasionally I’ll feel some rocks through the sole, hasn’t made my feet tender so far, but idk how it would be on very rocky terrain, I’m going to take the rock plate from Ultra’s and use that for super rocky training runs. I’ve only used them on softer trails so far. But I believe in these Sparks enough to take ‘em to Utah for the NS Beast. Will ABSOLUTELY BUY THESE AGAIN! These are fantastic shoes! PS. I usually wear 4.5 size kids shoes (Keen, Nike, etc) bought 5.5 Sparks that fit perfectly. Go up in size 👍

Stephen Deen
VJ Spark

- Fits perfectly with a half size up and I do that with the entire VJ line.

- Secure fit and really works well on hard pack dirt roads and some pavement for those who enjoy a minimal feel.

- Perfect size laces and lockdown in the arch/mid-foot.

- Doubles as a lightweight trainer and racer for 5-10K OCR races.

- Enhanced breathability with the mesh upper and it could double as a daily walk around shoe.

Robert Killian
Spark for Trail and OCR is a must-have

The VJ Spark is the perfect lightweight racer for Obstacle Course Racing or Technical Trail running. There is no comparison between grip and comfort.

Lincoln Weis

They were the first shoe that wasn't even close to my foot fitting into a size 11 I tried two sizes and ultimately just too small I did purchase the xtrm and fits great