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  • October 17, 2020 2 min read



    Training during recovery - By Rachel Thompson



    Its easy to get in a slump when you have to slow down training because of an injury or surgery. But don't let that stop you. I had surgery back in June. No running, high impact or lifting anything heavier then a gallon of milk for 5 weeks. Do you realize how hard that is when you have a houseful of kids and you are a personal trainer? Thankfully my kids and husband were very helpful. I could have been lazy during that time but instead I got creative with training. I did lay low for 5 days but on day 6 I was ready to get moving again. I made use of our assault bike and body weight exercises. Who knew that body weight exercises could make you sore!  I put in lots of miles on our assault bike during my recovery.    Once I got cleared from my doctor I was ready to go!  And I actually did an ocr the day after I got cleared.  I'm still not supposed to lift over 20 pounds which stinks but it has given me the opportunity to focus on my running form since I can't get back to lifting quite yet. 


    My point to this post is don't let restrictions get you down and lazy. Instead think of the positive, how it gives you the opportunity to focus  on other areas and different ways to train.   Even though I couldn't run for 5 weeks that break gave my running muscles a much needed break.  And the bike was a nice change, although anyone that's used an assault bike knows it's evil haha.   Keep at it, but make sure to give your body time to heal and recover.   And funny as I'm finishing this post that I'm recovering once again, this time due to an injury from a Savage race....cracked my tailbone on colossus slide...ouch!  At least I got some good pictures right after it happened haha And I'm on a flight right now to another savage race.  But I'll play it smart, listen to my body and do what I can. It's all about having fun.  


    About Rachel:

    I'm a mom to 6, grandma to 1, I'm a NASM certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition certified and Spartan SGX coach. I train at a gym in Grove City, OH. I am also a realtor in the Columbus, OH area. I love to travel for races, we make them into vacations. My husband is also into fitness, and my kids have ran some OCR races with me. I love spreading the OCR love to family, friends and clients. I have ran to many OCR's to count, from sprints all the way to ultras!