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  • May 15, 2020 2 min read

    Mike F running

    "Finding New Trails" by Mike Ferguson

    Most of us have traveled or moved somewhere new in our lifetime. Just recently my wife and I moved from Minneapolis-Saint Paul area to the Quad Cities (Davenport IA) for a work opportunity. As with any move, new adventures present themself.

    One of my biggest new adventures included finding new trails to run on in and around the Quad City area. Being that I love to explore and adventure, this article is my experience with discovering and finding new places to train outdoors when introduced to a new city.

    First and foremost where would we be without Google!! Google "state parks near me" or specifically, use Google Maps where you can ask other locals questions is a great first start. It's amazing how fast people are quick to respond and share their insight. Thank you running community!

    Second, a great way to discover new areas is to ask your new co-workers. Asking around not only will help you with finding parks but you may discover that your co-workers are athletes too. I discovered that my new boss is an age group Spartan racer. Aroo! Again, it never hurts to ask as you'd be surprised how close a good running or biking trail is to you.

    Third, stop in at local bike shops and or running stores and ask if they know of places to go. Not only was I provided great information but I also put myself in a position to immerse myself into a new running community and make some new friends.

    Fourth, Facebook and Instagram are two very powerful tools. Search or request to join the local running community's that are always looking for new members. Some of my best friends have come from both Facebook and Instagram.

    Lastly, a great way to discover new parks and trails is to simply get out and explore on your own. Part of adventuring sometimes is just getting lost and finding your way back.

    Now - get out there and find some new trails!


    Mike Ferguson can be found on Instagram @fergy_runs_wild and on Facebook at Mike Ferguson 

    His Sponsors:
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    Mike is most proud of these accomplishments:

    •2nd at Spartan Men's Team World Championships (2018) and ranked 1st in the USA.

    •Top 10 in Spartan Men's US National Championship Series (2018)

    •10th at Men's Spartan North American Championship (2018)

    •20th at Spartan Race World Championships (2018)

    •3rd in first-ever USA OCR National Championship (2016)