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  • December 31, 2022 2 min read

    We all know as athletes it's important to set goals, write them down, make a plan etc. With so much information on ways to set goals to be successful, why do we still lose traction and momentum before completing a tough goal?

    As normal population stats show, our chances of accomplishing a real goal in general is about 4%. Maybe, but as dedicated athletes we are not average! Mikhail Gerylo on a snowy mountain top in VJ Shoes

    If we are unsuccessful in completing a goal, sticking to a process or perhaps even moving past the "I really should..." phase we still use this as a learning opportunity and reflect.

    I am here to share with you a new system which may help you reflect, plan and accomplish small system goals along with larger dreams.

    The new acronym you should be writing down is GWOP...I said write it down! (Yes you!).

    Again, a thought without action is just that. Give this a try and see what you come up with instead of reading something on the internet and scrolling through. Why not start today? I encourage you to use this as a diving board to your next success and motivation. Believe you are the type of person who will show up for themselves and what they want. 

    Here is what GWOP Stands for:

    What is the goal? Add all details and some smaller process goals/systems that will also happen to achieve this result.

    Why are you wanting to do this? If you're not thinking about it daily or this is not strong enough chances are you wont be successful at it. You can have more than 1 "Why". Try imagining how you will genuinely feel accomplishing this goal. 

    Make a realistic list of obstacles that come to mind and obstacles that could happen each day during the process. This could be time, money, weather, knowledge also with things such as "I'm tired at the end of my day".

    Make a plan to reach the goal. Daily success markers and work backwards from the actual achievement. Also "PLAN" has a part two in which you plan for what you will do for each of your obstacles when/if they come up. 

    Now you have some strategies, realistic thinking to the entire process along with a quick system to get you motivated. Give it a shot and best of luck!

    Happiness is in the process of improving at things you care about. 

    If you took the time to read this I thank you and wish you all the best! Feel free to share your write ups with me on IG as telling someone your goals also has a direct increase in the success of a goal.

    Mikhail Gerylo @mik_fitt