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  • July 08, 2020 2 min read

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    How about a workout??

    By Lindsay Webster


    This workout was given to me by none other than Jon Albon, fellow VJ athlete and 5x (?? I've lost track) OCR World Champion. This uphill running workout is one of his favourites, which he shared with me, and it's quickly become one of my favourites. It is V02 Max, it is short, it is deathly, and it is remarkably effective for fast fitness gains.

    This workout will prepare your body for buffering lactic acid, as it has to do in a race, especially when coming in and out of obstacles. I would do this workout a few times in the month leading up to an event. It will help peak your form for top speed!

    The workout: 30/30's

    The idea is you do an interval, but continuously pulse every 30 seconds between running flat out as fast as you can, and pushing at a low threshold pace. That means you will never have full recovery during these intervals. The "easy" 30 seconds, you are still pushing well above what is a comfortable pace for you, but not a full out sprint. Your heart rate will recover about 5bpm, but still remain above threshold. 

    I like to do 6 sets of 4 minutes on the treadmill, with it set at a 10% incline, flicking every 30s between my "sprint" pace and my "threshold" pace. These can also be done at more of an incline or less of an incline; Your speed will just become fast or slower, but the effort level will remain the same. I have also seen 2 sets of 15 minutes of this, so feel free to switch up the amount of sets and time of sets. Personally, I prefer the 6x4min structure because the interval sets go by fast, and allow me to push really hard during them because I know within 4 minutes I'll get to catch my breath!

    For recovery between sets, I would keep at least a 2:1 ratio, if not 1:1. This means that if your sets are 4 minuets long, recover for at least 2 minutes in between, if not a full 4. Maximize on the recovery here so that you're ready to go HARD again for the next set. I usually walk, or do a slow jog, but keep my heart rate below 120bpm.

    Lindsay Webster is on Instagram. She is a 4 time OCR World Champion, Multiple time Spartan Champion, and avid gardener.  She will run you into the ground with love. 

    Jon Albon is here on the web and here on Instagram.  Jon is undefeated at the OCR World Championships, Spartan World Champion (2x), SkyRunner World Series  winner, World Tougher Mudder Champion.  

    Both Jon and Lindsay choose VJ Shoes.