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  • About VJ
  • February 26, 2023 2 min read

    As a veteran of two knee surgeries and one of the older athletes in the field, my static stretching routine has become one of the “non-negotiable” components of my training.

    I developed this routine in early 2019, when after recovering from my second torn meniscus surgery, my knee started to buckle. I visited several doctors and physical therapists and they were unable to diagnose my issue or come up with any cause or solution. My acupuncture therapist suggested that I develop a stretching routine focused on loosening my hips and quads.

    This routine was thoroughly researched and it’s tried and true when it comes to knee recovery, increased range of motion, and overall knee health and injury prevention.

    Static stretching is best done after training- for me it’s at night after a hot shower. It also should be noted, there is more benefit to short duration static stretching more often vs. extensive stretching sessions with long static holds. When I first started doing this routine, it would take me about 20-30 minutes. Now, it’s 8 minutes of my time, every night, and I get the benefit of meditation and relaxation before bed.

    You can also follow along with the video by clicking here!

    Cobra to Table Top to Cat/ Cow 30 sec flow X 2

    Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch 30 sec into Scissor Split Stretch 30 second hold X 2 ea side


    Seated Extended Legs Toe Touch 3 ways 30 sec each way

    Single Leg Extended Toe Touch 30 sec each side INTO Cross Leg Sitting Position- work on pushing knees to ground

    Knee Hugs X 5 each leg

    Adductor Stretch 30 sec each side


    Hip Opener X 5 ea side

    Spilts and Reach (Left, Right, Center) X 15 sec each

    -Mark Batres @mgbracing