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    Ice Hero - Women's

    • Designed in Finland - home of winter running, snow and reindeer. Ice Hero is a lightweight and well cushioned winter running shoe developed to improve on the popular Xero 5 winter running shoe. With more cushioning, this shoe is still lighter than its predecessor.

      Ice Hero provides a great touch on the ground and works well for anything from winter jogging to aggressive, technical running or racing!

      The best grip on the snowy and icy planet!
      1. Upper: Aramid fiber, nylon
      2. FitLock for midsole stability
      3. Outsole: Superior Contact, 18 carbon steel star studs
      1. Midsole Stack: 21mm/13mm
      2. Lug Depth: 4mm
      3. 8 mm Heel Drop
      4. Weight: Women’s US 7 - 8.3 oz (235g)
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Vanes G.
    Glad I bought these!

    I'm so impressed with the Ice Hero! They keep my feet dry and warm in fresh powder and in old heavy snow. They do well on soft ice too and are so light. I thought running with studs would be uncomfortable but I don't feel them at all. One little drawback is my ankles do wabble around a bit when I hit any lumps, footprints or ski tracks so I have to be aware of that when running on more heavily traveled areas. Overall, I'm glad I bought these and love running in them!

    Lindsay Webster
    Could run in these every day

    These are the best studded winter shoe I've ever worn! They're light for fast runs, but also comfortable and with plenty of cushion so that if I wanted to do a long run in these it would be no problem. I don't feel the studs at all like I've done in other shoes. They feel just like running in any lightweight comfortable shoe, except with more confidence!

    Good, Comfortable Fit & Grippy Sole

    Lightweight shoe that gives me the confidence to walk on hard packed snow & ice. They have worked great for that but I haven’t tried running with them yet. I’m a little hesitant to run, but there is enough value with a fast waking pace that I’m definitely happy with this purchase even if I stick to treadmill runs.

    A must for winter running!

    I live in New Hampshire, where icy conditions are pretty constant through the winter (and spring!). My Ice Hero shoes allow me to carry on and complete workouts as close to normal as possible no matter the conditions. I wouldn't go through winter without them!

    Magic shoes

    These are amazing in the snow! Grips perfectly on mtn runs with snow conditions and a little bit of ice. Would definitely recommend for anyone who lives in winter conditions