VJ Beginnings

VJ is the outcome of decades of footwear craftsmanship, having from the small town of Orivesi in the dense forests of central Finland.

Our story begins in 1981 when a shoemaker and orienteering enthusiast could not find the right shoe for his sport.  So he decided to make his own shoes specifically designed for the rough and slippery terrain.

Having a background in the footwear industry, he was able to start his own shoe factory in his hometown of Orivesi, and so VJ was born.  Soon we proved our expertise to the orienteers and exert athletes by producing shoes with exceptional durability, superior grip and high quality. 

Today, VJ still follows the standards we set all those years ago.  Using cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and uncompromising values we produce shoes with the best grip on the planet. 

Our shoes have helped many athletes in various all-terrain sports including trail running, OCR, sky running, and orienteering achieve their dreams and win world championships.

With us, it's all about pure performance and well-designed products that will stand the test of time.  That's why the worlds best athletes and adventurers choose VJ shoes.


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