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VJ Shoes are made using the best technology for shoes today.  

superior contactSuperior Contact - Our unique outsole is designed for the best grip on all surfaces.  The lugs on the outsole are placed for maximum grip, but still easily shed mud, clay, snow and rocks. In the middle of the outsole there is a special track providing even better grip on wet terrain. 


fitlock FITLOCK is our proprietary system of securing and protecting your foot.  FITLOCK provides extra arch support so that you can safely move and turn on a stable base.  The rubber material of FITLOCK provides extra protection for the inside of your foot against sticks and stones.  The XTTM shoe has a new FitLock designed with a smooth surface so nothing bad can snag your foot.  















evolutionary grip without studs! In the XTRM the outsole material is made of 100% Butyl rubber.  This Butyl rubber is more expensive and can be harder to manufacture.  That is why most other brands use a mixed compound that does not have the all around performance of pure Butyl rubber - the best grip you can have without metal studs.