Johnny Luna-Lima


Welcome to the VJ team Johnny Luna-Lima!  

Johnny was one of the first athletes to reach out to VJ Shoes - he was looking for better grip because "I do quite a bit of scrambling on sketchy terrain..."  After watching some of his Instagram stories we are convinced! 

Super solid on moist sand stone... nothing grips on that!  I didn't expect them to grip at all - was expecting them to slide and they gripped. I was able to run down a 35-45 degree slope that I generally need to slide down.

Let's learn a little bit more about Johnny -

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How did you get into this sport?

- I played soccer from when I was about 5 years old to 18 years old. In my teenage years I played for the San Jose Earthquakes and later was recruited to play for California State San Bernardino division 2 team. When taking a break from soccer, I saw the CBS showing of the 2014 Spartan Race World Championships and it stoked a fire in me. A couple months later I found myself at the start line of my first Spartan Race! My dad is a marathoner so I grew up following him to his races and competing in the 5k distance, he always told me I was a runner but I didn't listen to him, turns out he was right! 
What do you like about OCR / Sky running?  
- Training for OCR and Mountain running excites me. I love the process of working diligently towards a goal with as much precision as possible. What I love most about it is being able to explore mountains year round!
Any favorite quotes, mottos, etc.
- F¥ck it. 
- Send it! 
- Thresholds don't exist in terms of our bodies. Our speed and strength depend on our body, but the real thresholds, those that make us give up or continue the struggle, those that enable us to fulfill our dreams, depends not on our bodies but on our minds and the hunger we feel to turn dreams into reality." - Kilian Jornet 

List of wins and accomplishments:
1st Place Mt. Diablo Half Marathon, Clayton CA 2018
3rd Place Redbull Alm Auftrieb, Mayrhofen Austria 2018
2nd Place Spartan Race Beast Andorra, 2018
3rd Place, European Spartan Race Championships, France 2018
1st Place, Spartan Race Morinze, France 2017
1st Place, Spartan Race Edinburgh, Scotland 2017
11th Place, Spartan Race World Championships 2017
2nd Place, Battle Frog San Francisco, CA 2016
4th Place Spartan Race Hawaii, USA 2015
7th Place Spartan Race Monterey, CA 2015
20th Place Spartan Race World Championship 2015
Race schedule for this year:
Feb. 23 - Spartan Race Series Florida 
March 16 - Spartan Race Series Alabama 
April 13 - Spartan Race Series Seattle 
May 18 - Spartan Race Regionals Big Bear 
June 23 - Broken Arrow SkyRace US SkyRunning Series 
July 21 - Spartan Race Series Utah 
August 4 - Tromso SkyRace Migu SkyRunner Series 
August 23 - Matterhorn Ultraks Extreme Migu SkyRunner Series 
September 29 - Spartan Race World Championships 
November 8 - US SkyRunner Series Championships Franklin Mountains TX