Forrest Bouge

VJ Shoes USA is excited to announce our next sponsored pro athlete! Check out Forrest Bouge AKA @forrestrunsfast !!

Here from Forrest: 

I don't have the typical track or cross country background that many of these top level OCR pros have.  I grew up doing Karate with my dad and siblings.  My dad was a 5th degree black belt in Shorin-Ryu and he converted our garage into a Dojo where he taught classes.  I transitioned into wrestling in 8thgrade and became a High School State Champ 2 years later.  I finished my career as a 3x Nevada HS State Champ and 2x College All-American.  Between karate and wrestling I learned a lot about discipline, goal setting, work ethic and that anything is possible with the right mindset.

After college I took several years off and wasn't living the healthiest lifestyle.  On a whim, I decided to run the Montana Beast in 2015, with my wife Jessica.  I did almost no running in preparation but when the race started my competitive fire re-emerged.  I was so eager to run fast that I carried her up several hills so we could pass some people.  I was hooked right away, but had no idea how to train for an endurance sport.  I tried to apply the wrestlers mindset "work hard everyday" to running and it backfired.  
After a slew of injuries and thanks to some great coaching from Brakken, I finally figured out how to stay healthy.  One of my first injuries was the dreaded plantar fasciitis, which I learned was the result from running in worn out shoes.  Now that I know how to train properly and picked up VJ Sport USA as a sponsor, 2019 is looking like another standout year!
Besides the awards and recognition, Spartan racing has given me so much more.....  It gave me a reason to live a healthy, active lifestyle and set an example for my kids.  I quite drinking 4 years ago when I committed myself to becoming the best Obstacle Course Racer I could be. 
My whole family runs spartan races and we've turned our garage into a gym to train together.  My mom quit smoking after 40 years to train for her first Spartan Race and my Dad has won OCR NorAm 15k in his age division 2 years in a row.
Favorite Quotes:

"Your mind gives up long before the body does.  Keep pushing."

"When your mind is telling you to quite, you’re really only 40 percent done"